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Bondurant lies just north of Altoona along Highway 65 near Interstate 80 and is only 18 minutes from Downtown Des Moines. With a population of just over 7000 in 2020—a 90% increase from 2010—Bondurant offers residents the more laid-back lifestyle of a smaller town with all the metro’s amenities close at hand. The city hosts a variety of community events year-round with a focus on the Arts and family-friendly entertainment. For folks who love the great outdoors, Bondurant residents have easy access to regional trails and there are lots of recreational opportunities at nearby Lake Petocka. The city’s central location also provides residents with a variety of employment opportunities within an easy commute including many new jobs in the warehousing and transportation industries and the local business sector is thriving with the community’s growth.


The Bondurant Regional Trailhead lies at the center of the Eastern Polk County trail system and the Chichaqua Valley Trail, giving area residents easy access to this beautiful walking and biking trail. There is a bus service between Bondurant and Des Moines via two lines provided by DART. Bondurant residents require a car for most errands, and the average one-way commute time is 21.1 minutes, well below the national average of 26.4.

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The Bondurant community is all about connections – they like to say that “from the railroads of the 1800s to the bike trails of today, the City of Bondurant has been connecting people the opportunities for more than 135 years.” This small city has been welcoming lots of new residents in recent years, and they will tell you that they love Bondurant for its convenient location, the strong school system, the many recreational opportunities, and the friendly feeling. Residents enjoy many events such as the Lake Petockathon Games in August, Celebrate Bondurant in July. The Bondurant population tends to be a bit younger, and children and teens make up a substantial percentage of the population. Bondurant is served by the outstanding Bondurant-Farrar Community School District.


In 1892, a local landowner named Alexander Bondurant donated land to the Chicago Great Western Railway who built a station on the land, naming it Bondurant. The next year, Alexander platted over 44 acres of land and offered a town lot to those who would build a business on the land. Needless to say, he had many takers, and thus the town of Bondurant sprang up. Over the decades, the railroad has played a significant role in the growth of Bondurant, and today, that history is honored with the Bondurant Regional Trailhead Park that features a replica of the original Bondurant train station which was in operation from 1883 to 1962.

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