North Liberty

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North Liberty is a fast-growing community at the heart of the I-380 Corridor region in Eastern Iowa. This small city is a suburb of Iowa City in Johnson County on the northern edge of the metro area with a population of just over 20,000 in 2020. With high-ranking schools and good employment opportunities, North Liberty is a welcoming and family-friendly community, proud to be named one of the best places to live in Iowa.


North Liberty has several trails and loops for bikers and walkers, including the North Liberty Trail and the North Ridge Trail and several shorter loops. There is bus service between North Liberty and Iowa City twice each weekday, but there is no public transport in the city itself. The average commute for North Liberty residents is 23.7 minutes, as compared to the national average of 26.4.

Activity & Entertainment

North Liberty residents appreciate its small-town feel coupled with the amenities of a larger city. It is a welcoming place with fun events like ‘Meet Your Neighbor Night’ celebrated in parks throughout the city and a community center that runs programs for all ages year-round. Folks who like a little more night life excitement can travel to nearby Cedar Rapids or Iowa City. Fun Fact: The radio telescope located northeast of North Liberty on Mehaffey Bridge Road is one of ten dishes comprising the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA).


During the last ice age, the location of North Liberty was under the southern edge of the glaciers that once covered North America. We can see the abrupt transition today as the terrain goes from the flat landscape of what is known as the Iowan erosion surface to the rolling hills of the Southern Iowa drift plan. Later the area was settled by Native American groups, including the Otoe and later Meskwaki (Fox) and Sauk people. Although the area was first settled by European Americans in 1838, the city of North Liberty was platted in 1857 and incorporated in 1913 with a population of about 190 people. The community grew steadily over the 20th century, adding city amenities as the population increased.

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