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Redfield is a rural community in the Des Moines metro area in Dallas County with a population of about 800 residents. This community has lots of small-town charm with beautiful older homes, safe streets, and a strong industrial base, but for those who need a bit more, the Metro is just minutes away.


Redfield is connected to the Metro by the Raccoon River Valley Trail, a regional mixed-use trail. Redfield is small enough to be walkable, however, most residents use a car for errands. The average one-way commute for Redfield residents is 27.3 minutes, a bit longer than the national average.

Activity & Entertainment

Redfield holds an Old Settlers Celebration every June with a carnival, a parade and a street dance that brings out the whole town. Redfield is served by the West Central Valley Community School District.


Redfield got its name from an early settler named Lt. Colonel James Redfield, who served and died with the Iowa Infantry of the Union Army during the Civil War. Before the war, he bought the town, which was called New Ireland at the time, and renamed it Redfield. A major business in Redfield was the Glen-Gery brickyard, which supplied all the bricks for the 2004-2006 renovations of Kinnick Stadium and closed in 2019.

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