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Urbandale consistently earns high ratings as an affordable and safe place to live. Centrally located on the north-west side of the Des Moines Metro just south of Johnston, Urbandale is easily accessible from several directions and combines convenience and amenities to make a great place to live and grow a business or a family. Whether you enjoy professional sports or shopping and dining, Urbandale has you covered. If you prefer getting outdoors in nature, there are plenty of trails and it’s just a short drive to one of several lakes and campgrounds in the area. Urbandale is a mature suburb that offers a superior quality of life and many opportunities for residents and businesses alike.


Urbandale residents enjoy several walking and biking trails through the neighborhoods, including a fun walking tour featuring common trees and shrubs! Check it out: [https://www.urbandale.org/DocumentCenter/View/208/Five-Miles-of-Beauty-PDF?bidId=]. Urbandale is served by the Des Moines Area Rapid Transit (DART), connecting to local destinations and the rest of the metro. Most errands require a car, and the average one-way commute for Urbandale residents is 18.2 minutes, much lower than the 26.4 national average.

Activity & Entertainment

Urbandale has been hailed as one of the safest cities in Iowa with outstanding emergency services and low crime. It has also been rated one of the best suburbs for millennials with its great combination of affordability, accessibility, and quality of life. Tree-lined streets make up peaceful neighborhoods dotted with parks and good schools. Shopping and restaurants are nearby, and you can be at one of several recreational lakes and campgrounds within 45 minutes. Other attractions include Living History Farms, and the Des Moines Buccaneers, a USHL ice hockey team.


Once Meskwaki and Sauk tribal territory, the site that became Urbandale was originally a streetcar suburb around the turn of the last century, providing transportation for workers in the area’s coal mines, and commuter service and access to goods for other rural residents. The coal mines were closed by the 1930s, but the town of Urbandale survived and grew slowly until after World War II, when it exploded with post-war suburbanization. Today, Urbandale is Iowa’s 12th largest city, and continues to thrive.

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